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2 months ago

Top U.S. Mexican dining chain files for bankruptcy | Reuters

The leading Mexican restaurant operator in the United States filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday and put its El Torito, Chevys Fresh Mex and Acapulco Mexican Restaurant chains up for sale.

Real Mex Restaurants Inc REALM.UL said in documents filed in Delaware's bankruptcy court that it would soon run out of money. The company said it was suffering from a sluggish economy, high lease and debt obligations and sharp increases in food costs.

An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners Inc holds the largest stake in the company, which operates or franchises more than 200 restaurants, mostly in California.

Several other restaurant and food companies have struggled as food costs have risen

3 months ago

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3 months ago

Hungry sea lion pup seats itself at fancy San Diego restaurant booth

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Table for one sea lion, please.

A starving baby sea lion found its way to a fancy San Diego restaurant on Thursday and plopped down on a seat at a prime table with an ocean view.


Sea lion checks out ocean view from inside San Diego restaurant.

Bernard Guillas/Facebook

"He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation," Bernard Guillas, executive chef at the Marine Room, joked on Facebook.

Fans of the page kept the jokes going.

"He went to the right place for some good eats!" one commented.

"Aww, poor little kid. He must have needed some rest and lobster bisque," another replied.

After restaurant workers snapped some photos, they called a rescue team from SeaWorld to help the young sea lion.

"SeaWorld came to the aid of this young sea lion this morning and she is now in the care of our amazing Rescue Team," SeaWorld replied to Guillas' post.


SeaWorld rescue team takes away a seal that wandered into San Diego restaurant.


Rescuers thanked Marine Room staff for allowing them to "give her a second chance at life."

The sea lion is very skinny for its age -- weighing about half of what it should, according to experts at SeaWorld. For now, the sea lion's condition is listed as "critical."

This year's "Godzilla" El Ni

6 months ago

Useful Information To Decide On The Perfect Mover

Leaving your belongings in the hands of somebody else might be a frightening experience. Finding a reliable, good and responsible moving service that is within your budget may well be a rather complicated task. This really is some helpful information that may help you in finding the best moving company for yourself:

Asking Around

It usually is smart to ask any possible movers for referrals from any previous customers to inquire about documentation on his or her service and history. At all times take full advantage of getting free quotes, because this gives you a good idea from the pricing that you will be purchasing your potential move. Keep in mind some movers may give a free estimate which could may be found in really low, simply to hand you a large bill after the move is finally completed. To prevent this kind of a mess, just be sure that you get an estimate that is binding that states a "to never exceed" clause so that you are covered.

Invest Some Time

To find the correct moving company, it may be beneficial to adopt several weeks to be able to properly weigh your alternatives. You can search for quotes from each mover, checking references after which setting up a ultimate decision on which is the suitable choice to meet your needs. Moving companies will have to have plenty of time to match your transfer to their planning schedule, particularly when there are summer time involved, which happen to be the busiest time of the year. To ensure that you have enough time. Think of starting your search 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

Decide Upfront

You ought to decide beforehand about what goods will have to be shipped and whatever you can give out or sell. Then, you have got to consider packing, as packing might be a separate quote for the move. The moving company may send an estimator to your residence to get a bid in or create an estimate by conversing with you over the telephone. Moves that end up being below 50 miles away will probably get an hourly price. For those who have a prolonged distance move, the estimate could be determined by the body weight, which maybe per 100 lbs.

Always make an effort to give all the information as you can about any potentially strange situations that may arise on either end to make sure that your estimates are accurate. The mover should realize any troubles that may be inside their way throughout the delivery time, including road access, parking issues, a delivery time limit or street accessibility. Try booking a parking space to the truck or moving van if you happen to be located in or moving to your congested area. When your moving team must carry loads for very long distances, you could end up getting charged more.

6 months ago

It Could Be Enjoyable Trying to find a Perfect Steak House

When you wish a very good meal you may be inside the mood to get an old favorite as well as other traditional sort of food. Steak houses offer exactly these traditional choices and are reliable restaurants to attend each time a food craving calls. When you might be in the mood for the big, luscious steak look into all of the steak houses in the area.

There are some diners that find the very thought of eating anything but steak and potatoes ridiculous. These folks have to have their steaks and will need to have them at top quality steak houses. There are many individuals who have to nibble on where foods are natural and healthy, but whichever kind of diner you might be, a steak house should be on the top of your list. When that craving for a steak hits, you have to get to your great steak house and achieve this fast.

You will want to consider a number of these establishments. In fact, this is really the only way to get the best ones in your neighborhood. Create a list in the steak houses in your neighborhood and create a decide to visit every one to be able to sample their food. Online reviews of numerous restaurants will provide you with a solid idea of precisely what is in store for you personally in a particular place. However, it can be your opinion of your food there that counts.

Testing out various steak houses using a friend or other foodie is a fun activity. You might even opt to write your very own online reviews in detail about all of the food you tasted and the way the service was handled. Doing this lacks to avoid with steak houses.

Create a list of all types of restaurants to use. Dependant upon your financial budget, you might try a few restaurants on a monthly basis. It might take a while to obtain through every restaurant on your own list, but it must be fun to use them and compare them with each other.

You can expect to soon find which ones have the foods you need as well as the atmosphere you crave. You make the options to the restaurants according to your needs as well as those of your dining partners. You need to provide a restaurant the opportunity yourself. Regardless of whether it has some poor reviews, it depends on you to judge the restaurant for yourself.

Once you and a friend or partner enjoy going to dinner regularly, you possibly can make it much more fun by turning dining out in to a hobby. As you may dine out regularly, you will find the best steakhouses and take turns finding the ones you each like best. Once you see the best steak houses, you can expand and commence looking to find the best Italian or Japanese restaurants, too.

Once you eat, your friend or partner can compare notes around the experience. The two of you may have the identical verdict on various places or you might both have different opinions about where it is basically that you end up dining.

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10 months ago

How to Lessen Wisdom Tooth Extraction Swelling

But generally, the chances of it happening are high if (a) the teeth extracted is the lower third molar teeth (another reputation for wisdom teeth) and (b) the wisdom tooth is impacted make use of was removed surgically.

They gave me four Advil. Shook hands all around. My mother helped me to the auto. Bled (and continued to bleed) like terrible. The hardest part was not to spit.

Another herb known as devils claw has been found to ease pain due to osteoarthritis and tendonitis. also help with neck and back problems.

Be likely to take a rest and also away from difficult activities because it can certainly boost bleeding from the wound. When tooth extraction procedures, lay down at home and support your head with bedroom pillows. Keep your head raised while prone to hold the wound from bleeding.

To prevent tooth pain. Losing a tooth, unless via trauma, is actually preventable particularly with the many advanced technology in dental care. Your dentist can remove plaque and even cover up holes globe tooth the effects of tooth decay to prevent them from becoming difficult. Or, your dentist Anchorage AK can suggest other treatment such as dental implants, veneers and / or dentures if required. The important thing is, at the conclusion of the day, you will still go back home with a great smile.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a largely feared procedure. To be a result, individuals opt to put iv sedation or general anesthesia rest through treatment. What many don't realize is that the surgery itself will be the easy component. Each tooth may take only ten to fifteen minutes remove depending across the position of the tooth. With the local anesthetic, no pain is feel. The worst part may be the jerking around of the jaw and head with regards to surgeon pries the tooth from the mouth. The recovery afterward the surgical treatment is what makes wisdom tooth extraction embarrassing.

After the surgery, mouth area will be numb couple of hours. When the anesthesia wears off, discomfort can be anywhere from mild to excruciating. The surgeon should have prescribed a mild pain reliever such as Tylenol 3 for simple extractions in addition to a stronger one like Vicodin for more extractions. This particular good idea to get the best medication prior to the anesthesia wears off. Generally if the pain is intense and also the medication does not help, a phone call to the surgeon is purchase. He may prescribe painkiller and invite you back to his office to check things through.

After surgery, some swelling is to be able to expected. Individuals controlled by making use of cold packs, which slow the flow. A cold pack typically placed in the site of swelling through the first hrs in a cycle of twenty minutes on and 20 minutes off. At the first 24 hours, usually advisable to rinse with warm saltwater (one teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of warm water) every two hours encourage healing.

dental clinic, teeth used, wisdom teeth extraction

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10 months ago

Water For Car Fuel Made Simple

It is my intention that the feeling is presented in an easy to understand format. That way you much better than able to do this. It is only by executing a trade that you're able live powerfully with diabetic issues.

The first thing that you must do when getting ready to buy your first is to get a good relator on your side. By you have someone to aid the associated with house that you're most likely looking for the is also within price range. They are able to quickly scan all the homes on the actual marketplace to procure the ones that you may be likely to be able to most looking into. This can save you a great many of and also frustration by not thinking about houses which can be nowhere near what you are considering.

WASTED Region? Can you gain an extra room in the basement or attic? Would the veranda look nicer closed present in? Could you turn the garage in a play room or a workshop?

4th, laundry and kitchen wastelines require periodically snaking and degreasing so fat, gunk, and washing soap build-up doesn't over some start closing up the waste conduit. Never utilize corrosive lye-based chemicals, to.

If an extensive renovation is set in order, then draw up a plan or search on-line at zero cost kitchen planners. Consider the amount of people when using the kitchen as well as the actual space. You need food preparation, serving, cooking and dishes zones, ideally each using own worktop section. Arranging the cooker, sink and fridge as a triangle formation creates probably the most comfortable theme. Keep the oven and sink 40 cm of your corners, and don't Know more here. put them behind a door.

The plumbing raleigh nc will then send you an expert to see the condition or nature of lots of and give you quote for the product. This assures that every details it considerd in order that when the repair is initiated went right get nice snooze . of result that you would like. You will usually get quality fixing to get a plumbing injuries.

Third end. Replace your door's. You may very well be surprised exactly how much air escapes from your doors. Some doors you need to choose from are effective doors, fiberglass doors, patio and French doors, sliding, storm. Installing doors is truly a bit complicated. With this being said you might be better for that professional to complete the setup. The door I prefer is fiberglass, it adds an appearance of beauty to your home . Its energy efficient, adds more security and much less maintenance.

Whether rebuilding your bathroom or putting a new one in an extension please think and plan carefully. Your bathroom can emerge as most luxurious room the main house with advance headache.

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